Benedum Center
Greer Cabaret Theater
Harris Theater
Heinz Hall

Cultural District

The Cultural District was last updated on June 17 and still in progress...

Pittsburgh Cultural Trust is the official up-to-date source of the Cultural District.

Pittsburgh Skyline and Pittsburgh Night Skyline images haven't been updated in years, but could be updated this year.

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James M Singleton

Pittsburgh James M Singleton is a Downtown Cultural District resident who takes point-and-shoot camera images of major events in the Cultural District using this boondoggle as a platform and playground for web development purposes.

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Pittsburgh Cultural District

Thoughts of Pittsburgh James

New contracts causes players to fall out of warranty.⭐

Is backwash an oxymoron?

To have clean hands you have to keep your nose clean.

Can earbud vibrations loosen earwax?

Minneapolis must have the smallest apples.

Is it called a bare, bald or a bold face lie?

A slap on the wrist could be a slap in the face.

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Spiders prefer clean houses.

Everything comes out in the wash, but during the soaking process they are getting away clean.

Before car safety we used to really pay attention to the road.

ATM's and some card readers are optimized for right-handed users.

With no SMO, how did you find this website?

Did teeth brush inventor have only one tooth left?

Playing the song removes the earworm.

Why do we drive on the parkway and park in the driveway?

The early bird gets the worm, but misses the nightcrawler.

When you keep everything you can find nothing.

Pups are called puppies because they're not house broken.

I never have any luck when using any of the super crazy glues.

You would think that pi would be a repeating decimal.

If I'm such a pain in the butt then why are you getting a headache?

Players overachieve during the last year of their contract.

New contracts causes players to fall out of warranty.

It doesn't fly when jokes don't land.

The official colors of Pittsburgh James will be Black, Gold and Green.

Brainerd, Minnesota must be the smartest city on earth.

Kodak should make a new browser and call it Kodachrome.

My dog was chewing on the dictionary and I took the words right out of his mouth.

Most computer problems are in the chair.

Where can I get a miniature jumbotron?

I wanted to use a horses behind for my logo, but I'm sure it's already taken.

These are thoughts so I don't have much control over the content.

KiTTY is just a fork of PuTTY?

All dogs go to heaven except the ones that bite.

Which is worse, driving Miss Daisy or Miss Daisy driving.

No need to watermark these low quality images.

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Not sure what a memory leak is, but it doesn't sound good.

That Baby Shark song is responsible for the recent shark attacks.

Returning Chomp, the 5-foot alligator, could be a mistake.

Soon it's going to be hard to find a laptop with a nose-cam.

Compromise is good, compromised is not so good.

The more you need glasses the harder it is to find them.

Some computer glitches are intentional.

I think I know the reason why dogs say "wolf".

The auto-correct on my phone has a sense of humor.

Do you prefer puppy-dog eyes or the guilty dog look?

I have to block Ad Block so my ads don't get blocked.

Do you ice the kicker if it's a really warm day?

Do you still ice the kicker if it's a really cold day?

Is sneezing in pairs the result of having two nostrils?

Imagine what could happen if a smart toilet was hacked.

Why have a goat if you don't let someone get it every now and then.

When dogs bite, their owners always call it a nip.

With no SEO, how did you find this website?

When something becomes hard to watch, it's time to stop watching.

You're considered a "walk-in" even if you're in a wheelchair.

You can say "I taped it" as long as they still call it footage.

A smart car can fit in the Downtown Pittsburgh Penn Avenue Bike Lane.

Even if you have a strong heart it can change in a heartbeat.

Can your heart stop beating in a heartbeat?

Sometimes you have to shut the door before another one opens.

The good you do will come back to you.

The good you do can come back to bite you.

The Mobile Virtual Presence Device is now a reality.

It's better to replace a cheap home printer than to waste ink troubleshooting it.

Be a lamb because sheep are so baa.

Spelling is easy, it's the grammar that's hard.

Pittsburgh's Streets Run Road sounds redundant.

The nose knows, that's why they call it the nose.

These are tweets that didn't make the cut.

A junkie could be considered an oxymoron.

Do smart clocks move clock-wise?

The "Pittsburgh Left" is becoming a thing of the past.

Cats can condemn a house, but can't dog it out.

Can eminent domain be applied to domains?

Ever used a reverse paring knife?

I used to think that a kardashian was a flower.

If you lose face, does it include the neck?

Popular adhesive bandage container gave me a paper cut.

All my computer needed was a hard boot.

If a bird lays a golden egg, is it a nest-egg?

If you're really paranoid, duck duck go.

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