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Windows 10 Reliability with Errors

Windows 10 Reliability

Windows 10 received a major version update on December 6.

Windows 10 Settings App (SystemSettings.exe) crashed while changing .pdf file default to Microsoft Edge Beta.

A GSOD occurred when closing AVer MediaCenter producing "AVerPola!unknown_function" error.

A broken USB phone charger cable resulted in "USB Device malfunctioned and is not recognized" notification.

A Power outage caused the "Windows was not properly shut down" critical event.

MSN Sports stopped thus producing the "Microsoft.Msn.Sports.exe" error.

StartMenuExperienceHost.exe crashed at the time of an igdkmd64lp.sys hardware error.

AVer MediaCenter stopped working again but, this may be the result of the preceding crash. Anyway, the unstable AVer MediaCenter 3D application will be updated/refreshed. This error occurred when attempting to record a TV show.

Microsoft Outlook Calendar crashed while adding an event.

While the Windows 10 operating system is reliable, the reliability of the Windows 10 Apps have been questionable with this current Windows Insider version.

James has replicated the recent MoAppHang errors and has determined that they were caused by Windows 10 Nearby Sharing. This Windows Shell Experience Host error happens after a file has been successfully sent.

Network file sharing will be used going forward.

TV/FM Tuner may have caused igdkmd64lp.sys error as it was closed around the time of the incident.

Nothing crashed so this error will be ignored for now.

Hardware error Netwbw02.sys has ceased after updating the Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 3160 Driver.

We hope that this issue is resolved.

WiFi will not connect automatically on startup. Suggested solutions by the Windows gurus did not help. WiFi does connect after Sleep and Restart.

Turning off Fast Boot in Power Options may have resolved this issue.

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These results are from using a Dell 24 3452 AIO on the current Slow Ring of the Windows Insider Program.

Windows 10 64-bit
Intel Pentium J3710 @ 1.60GHz
Intel HD Graphics